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what is arx?

be engaged inside and OUTSIDE the gym

Augmented training

Using state of the art AR glasses we'll create an engaging experience for gym members that will transcend regular exercise.
Imagine playing games and seeing all the statistics to help your workout!

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outside the gym

Our solution encompasses much more than the AR glasses.
Outside of the gym, members will be able to go online to check their performance and have their workout history at their fingertips.They'll even be able to compete with each other!

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take your gym to the next level!

the benefits


Often times you'll easily lose a big chunk of your annual membership within a week. People can start with the best of intentions but lose interest quickly. Imagine if you could give them a compelling reason to keep coming in!


Having state-of-the-art technology will help to attract more members. No other gym will have the competitve edge that ARX can bring to the table! ARX could be a huge point of difference you can capitalize on for growing your membership.


This is just the beginning.
By embarking down this route, you'll ensure your gym is set up for technology and the forefront of innovation.
Your members will look up to your gym as the future of fitness!

future tech

check out our progress

the future is here!

Follow our progress in Facebook. We're making leaps and bounds everyday and we want to share this with you.
This is an amazing journey and we're totally passionate about it.
The merging of technology and fitness is just logical - welcome to the future!


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Giving gym users this amount of information and external motivation will give them the feeling of having a one on one session with a personal trainer! Our tests have shown that using ARX gym members push themselves far harder than they do when training on their own.